Luvadeer Deerhounds

The Deerhound Club

Information here about the Deerhound Club Of Victoria


We are a member of the Deerhound Club and try to show our dogs often at the pointscore shows.

The Deerhound Club have 2 Breed shows through the year, The Open show around April/May and the Championship Show held in October. Here a large number of deerhounds come to be shown. 
They also throughout the year try to hold lure racing days to give the hounds a good run at what they are good at.


The Deerhound Comittee are as follows
President : John Bradley
Vice President: Dorita Thomson
Acting Secretary/Public Officer: Deborah Guthrie
Acting Treasuer: Kenn Airens
Commitee: Tabitha Ormiston-Smith, Robert Ormiston-Smith, Sally Stasytis, Els Airens


For Puppy Enquiries or Older dog enquiries contact Deborah Guthrie on (03) 9719 7277

Contact Details

Aisha Bierman
Frankston, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0451944533
Email : [email protected]